DJ Steve – Reality EP

RELEASE DATE 2022-11-08
LABEL Klasse Wrecks

Download AIFF:
DJ Steve – 2 Be Real (Original Mix).aif – 64.8 MB
DJ Steve – Open Yourself (Original Mix).aif – 69.7 MB
DJ Steve – The Universe Will Decide (Original Mix).aif – 54.0 MB
DJ Steve – Y.T.O (Original Mix).aif – 55.1 MB

Download MP3:
Dj Steve – Reality – 55.9 MB

Fader Cap – Club Telepathy EP

RELEASE DATE 2022-10-31
LABEL Craigie Knowes

Download AIFF:
Fader Cap – Listen (Original Mix).aif – 62.7 MB
Fader Cap – Temple Tone (Original Mix).aif – 63.3 MB
Fader Cap – Xenon (Original Mix).aif – 68.7 MB
Fader Cap – Xenon (Shedbug Remix).aif – 62.0 MB

Download MP3:
Fader Cap – Club Telepathy – 58.6 MB

Andrew Bayer, Alison May – Duality (Part Two)

RELEASE DATE 2022-10-28
LABEL Anjunabeats

Download AIFF:
Andrew Bayer – If You Loop It, They Will Come (Extended Mix).aif
Andrew Bayer – Let Go (Extended Mix).aif
Andrew Bayer – On Tape (Extended Mix).aif
Andrew Bayer, Alison May – Midnight (Extended Mix).aif
Andrew Bayer, Kaleena Zanders – Break The Rules (Extended Mix).aif
Andrew Bayer, OLAN – Greater Chances (Extended Mix).aif
Andrew Bayer, Red Dragons – DNA (Extended Mix).aif
Vok, Andrew Bayer – What Is Real (Extended Mix).aif

Download MP3:

Armin van Buuren, Maia Wright – Feel Again, Pt. 2

RELEASE DATE 2022-10-21
LABEL Armada Music

Download AIFF:
Armin van Buuren – Clap (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren – Computers Take Over The World (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren – Something Beautiful (Original Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Blasterjaxx, 24H – Superman feat. 24h (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Diane Warren, My Marianne – Live On Love feat. My Marianne (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, Owl City – Forever & Always feat. Owl City (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Husky – Shot At Love feat. Husky (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Maia Wright – One More Time feat. Maia Wright (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Philip Strand – Roll The Dice feat. Philip Strand (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Scott Abbot – I’m Sorry feat. Scott Abbot (Extended Mix).aif
Armin van Buuren, Simon Ward – Hey (I Miss You) feat. Simon Ward (Extended Mix).aif

Download MP3:

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