VA – Siamese Anthology V

RELEASE DATE 2023-02-03
LABEL Siamese

Download AIFF:
Animal Picnic, 1926 – XX (Original Mix).aif
Avangart Tabldot – Way Back Home (Original Mix).aif
Avidus – Black Chapel (Original Mix).aif
Citizen Kain – Ricochet (Original Mix).aif
James Harcourt – Bloom (Original Mix).aif
Jos & Eli – Dirty Velvet (Original Mix).aif
Mark Hoffen – The Edge of Awakening (Original Mix).aif
Martin Waslewski – Running Back (Original Mix).aif
Sam Shure – Viscosity (Original Mix).aif
Tal Fussman, Hard To Tell – Rega (Original Mix).aifa>

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VA – Siamese Anthology

VA – Camp Out 001

RELEASE DATE 2023-02-03
LABEL Beat & Path

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Kita – Through the Trees (Sanoi & Zuke Remix).aif
Caly Jandro – Ashes on the Breeze feat. Addzy (Original Mix).aif
Transcenic – Fridgian Dominant (Original Mix).aif
Uone, Out of Sorts – Ba Ba Ooh (Original Mix).aif
Uone, Western – Lords of Light (Original Mix).aif
DLNJA – Street Lights (Original Mix).aif
Paul A. George – Lymbic (Original Mix).aif

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VA – Camp Out

Who Else, Sassa – Who You Are

RELEASE DATE 2023-02-03
LABEL Movement Recordings

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Who Else, Sassa – Faster Ain’t Faster (Original Mix).aif
Who Else, Sassa – Who You Are feat. AM I RIGHT (Original Mix).aif
Who Else, Sassa – Who You Are feat. AM I RIGHT (Paul Anthonee Remix).aif

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Who Else, Sassa – Who You

John M, Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Death Note EP

RELEASE DATE 2023-01-27
LABEL Be Free Recordings

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John M, Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Death Note (Bigfett Remix).aif
John M, Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Death Note (Original Mix).aif
Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Amazement (Original Mix).aif
Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Orchestra (Original Mix).aif

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VA – Enlightenment Vol. II

RELEASE DATE 2023-01-27

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2Qimic, Nicolay Alexiev – Shine (Original Mix).aif
Ali Maher – Sush (Original Mix).aif
Kilany M – Realm of Nowhere (Original Mix).aif
Sam Welt – Raise the Dead (Original Mix).aif
Suit 9 – Surrender (Original Mix).aif
Tchaka – Enigma (Original Mix).aif

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VA – Enlightenment Vol.

Magdalena (DE) – Opia EP

RELEASE DATE 2023-01-27
LABEL Warung Recordings

Download AIFF:
Magdalena (DE) – Alate (Original Mix).aif
Magdalena (DE) – Back To The Beat (Original Mix).aif
Magdalena (DE) – Opia (Original Mix).aif
Magdalena (DE) – Recycle (Original Mix).aif

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Magdalena – Opia

VA – Winter Collection 2023

RELEASE DATE 2023-01-27
LABEL The Soundgarden

Download AIFF:
Alan Cerra – Reminiscent (Original Mix).aif
Andre Moret – Young Movements (Original Mix).aif
Bodaishin, Thales Senses – Chants Of Whales (Original Mix).aif
Dastan – Observer (Original Mix).aif
Esteban Ikasovic – Around Me (Original Mix).aif
GSEP, Rikki Sawyer – Love & Death (Original Mix).aif
Jano Gil, Juan Fernandez – My First Impression feat. Juan Fernandez (Original Mix).aif
LUNATIV, Tomyo – You Touch Me feat. Tomyo (Original Mix).aif
Milo Häfliger – Ligo (Original Mix).aif
Nick Newman – A Happening (Original Mix).aif
Oliver Harper – Strawberry Thief (Original Mix).aif
Plecta – Calendula (Original Mix).aif
Robbie Akbal – Trip to the Bays (Original Mix).aif
Ruben Karapetyan – Carpe Diem (Original Mix).aif
VieL – Burning Woman (Original Mix).aif
Zalvador – Epiphany (Original Mix).aif

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VA – Winter Collection

VA – The Future Frequencies

RELEASE DATE 2023-01-27
LABEL Future Frequencies

Download AIFF:
Amorpho – Sostenon (Original Mix).aif
Bongo & Pusk – Seven Circles (Original Mix).aif
Born Twice – Mental Chatter (Original Mix).aif
Gandara – Arod (Original Mix).aif
Hamoon, LERM (HU) – Bad Step (Original Mix).aif
Maicol MP – Tutankhamon (Original Mix).aif
Nambeh – Die Welt is Verloren (Original Mix).aif
Omar – Killua (Original Mix).aif
Roøe – Senses (Original Mix).aif
ĀEMYGDALA – 752 (Original Mix).aif

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VA – The Future

Sven Dohse – Gork

RELEASE DATE 2023-01-27

Download AIFF:
Sven Dohse – Gork (Cascandy Remix).aif
Sven Dohse – Gork (Original Mix).aif
Sven Dohse – Mellow Fellow (Acid Pauli Remix).aif
Sven Dohse – Mellow Fellow (Ali Schwarz Remix).aif
Sven Dohse – Mellow Fellow (Instrumental).aif
Sven Dohse – Mellow Fellow (Original Mix).aif
Sven Dohse – Mellow Fellow (Sebo & Kuriose Naturale Remix).aif

Download MP3:
Sven Dohse –

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