Martin Denev – Perfectly Enough

RELEASE DATE 2020-04-24
LABEL Imagenes

Martin Denev, Hanlei – Forget About It (feat. HanLei) (Opolopo Remix).aiff – 59.7 MB
Martin Denev, Hanlei – Forget About It (feat. HanLei) (Original Mix).aiff – 71.4 MB
Martin Denev, Sasha Zico – Perfectly Enough (feat. Sasha Zico) (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub).aiff – 68.4 MB
Martin Denev, Sasha Zico – Perfectly Enough (feat. Sasha Zico) (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix).aiff – 68.8 MB
Martin Denev, Sasha Zico – Perfectly Enough (feat. Sasha Zico) (Original Mix).aiff – 59.2 MB

Mark Lower – Express Yourself

Artists Mark Lower
Label Salted Music
Styles Funk / Soul / Disco
Date 2019-08-02
Catalog # SLT162
Length 12:00
Tracks 2

Mark Lower – Express Yourself (Original Mix) 6:19
Mark Lower – Express Yourself (Dub Mix) 5:41

VA – ADE Disco Party 2017

  • ARTISTS Disko Junkie, Discotron, Soul Power, Giorgio Rodgers, Martello, Serial Thrilla, Audio Jacker, Boogie Freaks, Martin Thomas
  • RELEASE DATE 2017-10-18
  • LABELS Tasty Recordings


    1. Discotron – Shake Dat (Original Mix) 6:42 112BPM
    2. Audio Jacker – Inner City Livin’ (Original Mix) 5:18 122BPM
    3. Martin Thomas – Can You Feel It (Soul Power Remix) 7:29 118BPM
    4. Martello – Dance All Night (Original Mix) 4:59 120BPM
    5. Discotron – Whoa I’m Back (Original Mix) 5:41 114BPM
    6. Audio Jacker – Couldn’t Resist (Original Mix) 6:42 122BPM
    7. Soul Power – Starlight (Discotron Remix) 6:28 112BPM
    8. Boogie Freaks – Forget Your Troubles (Original Mix) 6:37 100BPM
    9. Giorgio Rodgers – Somebody Else (Original Mix) 5:02 122BPM
    10. Discotron – Through The Fire (Original Mix) 5:55 100BPM
    11. Disko Junkie – Move Ya Butt (Boogie Freaks Remix) 5:21 115BPM
    12. Serial Thrilla – You Girls (Original Mix) 5:30 122BPM


Junkie Chart 7 [250 tracks on Zippyshare]


1Aaaron, Deckert, Valentine (UK) – L.D.O.E. (Dub)7:33Genre: Deep Housecopy
2Aaaron, Deckert, Valentine (UK) – L.D.O.E. (Original Mix)7:33Genre: Deep Housecopy
3Abity – Do Not Cry (Original Mix)11:19Genre: Progressive Housecopy
4Abity – Verwendung (Original Mix)7:04Genre: Progressive Housecopy
5Acid Project – A Side (Original Mix)6:50Genre: Housecopy
6Acid Project – B Side (Original Mix)6:13Genre: Housecopy
7Aday Chinea – How I Come To You (Original Mix)7:18Genre: Deep Housecopy
8Aday Chinea – I Wanna Know (Onetram Remix)7:12Genre: Tech Housecopy
9Aday Chinea – I Wanna Know (Original Mix)7:06Genre: Housecopy
10Ade Fenton – Manipulator (Ben Long Spore Mix)7:13Genre: Technocopy
11Ade Fenton – Manipulator (Gemini Brothers Remix)6:32Genre: Technocopy
12Ade Fenton – Manipulator (Madben Remix)8:32Genre: Technocopy
13Ade Fenton – Manipulator (Original Mix)5:20Genre: Technocopy
14Ade Fenton, Tony Thomas – Coded 17, Tony Thomas (Ade Fenton 2017 Mix)1:05Genre: Technocopy
15Alemari – Acid Soul (Original Mix)7:46Genre: Technocopy
16Alemari – Acid Terror. (Original Mix)7:26Genre: Technocopy
17Alemari – Black Mutu (Original Mix)7:24Genre: Technocopy
18Alex Twin – Andrea’s Anthem (Original Mix)7:19Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
19Alex Twin – Cut Off (Original Mix)6:46Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
20Alysha – Bruises (Original Mix)5:44Genre: Chill Outcopy
21Alysha – Down (Original Mix)4:50Genre: Chill Outcopy
22Andrew Azara – Afrikah (Original Mix)5:17Genre: Tech Housecopy
23Andrew Azara – Feel (Original Mix)5:38Genre: Tech Housecopy
24Andrew Azara – Keep Going (Original Mix)5:45Genre: Tech Housecopy
25Andy Caldwell, Adam Johan – Deep In My Heart (Horatio Remix)6:20Genre: Housecopy
26Andy Caldwell, Adam Johan – Deep In My Heart (Malachi Remix)6:48Genre: Housecopy
27Andy Caldwell, Adam Johan – Deep In My Heart (Original Mix)6:30Genre: Housecopy
28Andy Caldwell, Adam Johan – Deep In My Heart (Truth Be Told Remix)8:19Genre: Housecopy
29Andy Raw – Rollercoaster (Extended Mix)4:29Genre: Housecopy
30Artifi, XiJaro, Pitch – Maple Valley (Extended Mix)7:11Genre: Trancecopy
31Audiojack – Rendezvous (Original Mix)7:18Genre: Tech Housecopy
32Audiojack – Singularity (Original Mix)8:12Genre: Tech Housecopy
33Aumcraft – Saraswati (Jero Nougues Remix)6:30Genre: Deep Housecopy
34Aumcraft – Saraswati (Original Mix)5:50Genre: Deep Housecopy
35Ave Astra – Music Sounds Good (Original Mix)5:05Genre: Deep Housecopy
36Ave Astra – Some What (Original Mix)5:28Genre: Deep Housecopy
37Bronx Cheer – Sun Will Shine (Original Mix)6:29Genre: Housecopy
38Carlos Palacio – Dreamers (Cruster Remix)7:03Genre: Tech Housecopy
39Carlos Palacio – Dreamers (Original Mix)8:54Genre: Progressive Housecopy
40Cassell – Ghetto Woman (Original Mix)7:47Genre: Tech Housecopy
41Cassell – Run This (Original Mix)7:45Genre: Tech Housecopy
42Cassell – Zilla (Original Mix)7:45Genre: Tech Housecopy
43Corey James, HENKO – Back In Time (Original Mix)5:04Genre: Progressive Housecopy
44Cosimo Mele – Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)7:58Genre: Tech Housecopy
45Cosimo Mele – Wave (Original Mix)8:00Genre: Tech Housecopy
46Cruster – Valley Of Time (Carlos Palacio Remix)8:46Genre: Progressive Housecopy
47Cruster – Valley Of Time (Original Mix)7:19Genre: Progressive Housecopy
48Daniele Kama, Simone Burrini – Afterparty (Original Mix)7:16Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
49Daniele Kama, Simone Burrini – Exit Music (Original Mix)8:32Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
50DJ Jock – Outland (Original Mix)6:53Genre: Technocopy
51DJ Jock – Tension (Original Mix)6:33Genre: Technocopy
52DJ Wady, Dvit Bousa – Touch (Original Mix)6:58Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
53Djrooster.M – Grooving-86 (Original Mix)5:33Genre: Technocopy
54Djrooster.M – Isamylove (Original Mix)6:57Genre: Technocopy
55Djrooster.M – Nervous (Original Mix)6:07Genre: Technocopy
56Djrooster.M – Stand By (Original Mix)6:33Genre: Technocopy
57Doc Brown – Must Be You (Original Mix)6:48Genre: Tech Housecopy
58Doc Brown – When It Comes, It Comes In Waves (Original Mix)6:41Genre: Tech Housecopy
59Dominic Aquila – Quid Pro Quo (Original Mix)7:05Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
60Dominic Aquila – Trabajo (Original Mix)6:22Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
61Edgvr Romero – Action (Original Mix)4:53Genre: Future Housecopy
62Edgvr Romero – Action (Radio Edit)3:53Genre: Future Housecopy
63Edgvr Romero – Give Me More (Original Mix)4:38Genre: Future Housecopy
64Edgvr Romero – Give Me More (Radio Edit)3:45Genre: Future Housecopy
65El Traste – Acido Primario (Acid Driver Retweak)8:02Genre: Tech Housecopy
66El Traste – Baila Wave (Original Mix)5:58Genre: Tech Housecopy
67El Traste – Estado Natural (Original Mix)5:29Genre: Tech Housecopy
68Embezzlement Society – Glad Your Mine (Original Mix)6:51Genre: Tech Housecopy
69Embezzlement Society – Westside Rumble (Original Mix)6:16Genre: Tech Housecopy
70Eye O – Elephant (Original Mix)6:44Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
71Eye O – Had Fun Storming The Castle (Original Mix)17:05Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
72Eye O – Kinetic (Original Mix)7:16Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
73Eye O – Spacewalking (Original Mix)8:22Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
74Eye O – Spatial Relations (Original Mix)7:37Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
75Fred Berthet – Forgotten Royalties (Original Mix)6:35Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
76Fred Berthet – Manomano (Original Mix)5:35Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
77Fred Berthet – Senorita (Original Mix)5:59Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
78Fred Berthet – Total Accent (Original Mix)5:33Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
79Fred Berthet – Width (Original Mix)4:49Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
80Funkfeuer 54 – Cul-De-Sac (Original Mix)6:36Genre: Deep Housecopy
81Funkfeuer 54 – Jelly Fruits (Original Mix)6:32Genre: Deep Housecopy
82Funkfeuer 54 – Physical Optics (Original Mix)6:36Genre: Deep Housecopy
83Funkfeuer 54 – Pure Synthetics (Original Mix)6:36Genre: Deep Housecopy
84Gabriel Carminatti – Atmosphere (Original Mix)9:23Genre: Progressive Housecopy
85Gabriel Carminatti – Atmosphere (Ricardo Piedra Remix)8:33Genre: Progressive Housecopy
86Gabriel Carminatti – Of The Process (MRTNZ Remix)6:32Genre: Progressive Housecopy
87Gabriel Carminatti – Of The Process (Original Mix)6:56Genre: Progressive Housecopy
88Gabriel Carminatti – Of The Process (Ricardo Piedra Remix)7:53Genre: Breakscopy
89GAWP – Ate Oh Ate (Original Mix)4:42Genre: Tech Housecopy
90GAWP – Exposed To What (Original Mix)5:26Genre: Tech Housecopy
91GAWP – Working Girls (Original Mix)5:13Genre: Tech Housecopy
92Gio Goose – Feel The Power (Original Mix)5:17Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
93Goda Brother – My Everything (Original Mix)5:32Genre: Progressive Housecopy
94Goda Brother – Only You (Original Mix)5:04Genre: Progressive Housecopy
95Greco (NYC) – Access (Original Mix)6:03Genre: Tech Housecopy
96Greco (NYC) – Access (Skapes Remix)7:12Genre: Tech Housecopy
97Gustavo Luyz – Hit And Run (Original Mix)7:11Genre: Technocopy
98Gustavo Luyz – Suntime (Original Mix)6:38Genre: Technocopy
99Incognet, Evan Virgan – Deusch (Original Club Mix)4:53Genre: Big Roomcopy
100Incognet, Evan Virgan – Rise (Original Club Mix)5:30Genre: Big Roomcopy
101Incognet, Haipa – When Sax Is Not Enough (Original Mix)5:01Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
102J Lannutti – Watching Over Emma (Axel Terblanche Remix)8:40Genre: Progressive Housecopy
103J Lannutti – Watching Over Emma (Original Mix)7:16Genre: Progressive Housecopy
104J Lannutti – Watching Over Emma (Volkan Erman Remix)7:05Genre: Progressive Housecopy
105JAGGS – TING! (Extended Mix)3:37Genre: Big Roomcopy
106Jakobin, Domino – Filter Queen (Original Mix)6:02Genre: Housecopy
107Jakobin, Domino – You Want My Love (Original Mix)8:02Genre: Housecopy
108Jo Crimaldi – Print (Original Mix)5:59Genre: Deep Housecopy
109Jo Crimaldi – The Party (Original Mix)5:13Genre: Deep Housecopy
110Joe Simoni – Stress (Original Mix)5:44Genre: Tech Housecopy
111Joe Simoni – Tech City (Original Mix)6:14Genre: Tech Housecopy
112Jordan Jay – Be Alright (Extended Mix)4:07Genre: Big Roomcopy
113Jovan Vucetic – Bad Behaviour (Original Mix)5:43Genre: Housecopy
114[email protected] – Cold Heart (Original Mix)5:36Genre: Housecopy
115[email protected] – Empty Heart (Original Mix)6:17Genre: Housecopy
116Kaiq – The Jungle (Mirco Caruso Remix)6:50Genre: Tech Housecopy
117Kaiq – The Jungle (Original Mix)8:08Genre: Tech Housecopy
118Kaiq – The Jungle (Rone White Remix)6:33Genre: Tech Housecopy
119KaktuZ – Pumping Bass (Extended Mix)5:14Genre: Future Housecopy
120Kamilo Sanclemente – The Girl With The Glass Smile (Original Mix)8:02Genre: Progressive Housecopy
121Kamilo Sanclemente – Without You (Original Mix)6:20Genre: Progressive Housecopy
122Kiki Doll, Popcorn Poppers – Wanna See (Original Mix)5:43Genre: Housecopy
123KVPV – Nevermind (Original Mix)3:26Genre: Future Housecopy
124KVPV – Twentyfive (Original Mix)4:22Genre: Future Housecopy
125KVPV – Wolfy (Original Mix)3:41Genre: Future Housecopy
126Leaman – Mesmeric (Barney DJ & Deep Syndrome Remix)7:29Genre: Progressive Housecopy
127Leaman – Mesmeric (Original Mix)5:48Genre: Progressive Housecopy
128Leaman – Mesmeric (Pro4ound Remix)8:55Genre: Progressive Housecopy
129Lex, Wood – Defunct (Extended Mix)7:10Genre: Tech Housecopy
130Lex, Wood – Defunct (Illyus, Barrientos Extended Remix)7:43Genre: Tech Housecopy
131Lika Morgan – Discovery Channel (Extended Mix)5:13Genre: Future Housecopy
132Lily Pita – Purple (Original Mix)9:44Genre: Progressive Housecopy
133Lily Pita – Wednesday (Original Mix)8:36Genre: Progressive Housecopy
134Lj Guru – Back To Old School (Max Varano Remix)7:35Genre: Tech Housecopy
135Lj Guru – Back To Old School (Original Mix)6:40Genre: Tech Housecopy
136Lj Guru – Back To Old School (Phoeph Remix)6:55Genre: Tech Housecopy
137Luca Debonaire, Kiki Doll – I Gotta Know (Original Club Mix)6:14Genre: Future Housecopy
138Maradonai, Freddy Mac – Some More (Original Mix)4:44Genre: Housecopy
139Marc Reason, Mr. George – Da Da Da (Extended Mix)4:16Genre: Housecopy
140Marc Reason, Mr. George – Da Da Da (Radio Edit)3:44Genre: Housecopy
141Marc Reason, Mr. George – Da Da Da (Tom Belmond Remix Edit)3:11Genre: Housecopy
142Marco Carpentieri, Yvvan Back – Whistle (Original Club Mix)4:43Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
143Martha High – A Little Taste Of Soul (Original Mix)3:03Genre: Funk / Soul / Discocopy
144Martha High – Unwind Yourself (Original Mix)3:44Genre: Funk / Soul / Discocopy
145Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz – Saba Bo (Astrea Remix)6:26Genre: Deep Housecopy
146Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz – Saba Bo (Cosmo & Kramer Remix)7:56Genre: Deep Housecopy
147Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz – Saba Bo (Floyd Lavine Remix)6:54Genre: Deep Housecopy
148Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz – Saba Bo (Ksawa Remix)6:32Genre: Deep Housecopy
149Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz – Saba Bo (M. Caporale Ethnic Remix)7:21Genre: Deep Housecopy
150Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz – Saba Bo (Makossa & Megablast Remix)8:36Genre: Deep Housecopy
151Max Ivanovsky – The Deep Space (Original Mix)7:50Genre: Trancecopy
152Max Ivanovsky – The Deep Space (PvR Remix)7:23Genre: Trancecopy
153Max Marinacci, Alessandra Amo – The Soul Of The Drums (Original Mix)6:16Genre: Housecopy
154Max Marinacci, Alessandra Amo – The Soul Of The Flute (Original Mix)7:10Genre: Housecopy
155Mike Williams – Melody (Tip Of My Tongue) (Extended Mix)4:00Genre: Future Housecopy
156Mirelle Noveron – Tell Me (Original Mix)5:07Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
157Morse, Hubba, Royback – Destroy (Original Mix)4:39Genre: Future Housecopy
158Morse, Hubba, Royback – Destroy VIP (Original Mix)4:39Genre: Future Housecopy
159Nic Fanciulli – After Time (Original Mix)6:55Genre: Deep Housecopy
160Nic Fanciulli – I’m Tired (Interlude)3:32Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
161Nic Fanciulli – Imitations (Original Mix)3:10Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
162Nic Fanciulli – My Heart (Intro)3:04Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
163Nic Fanciulli – My Love (Original Mix)4:59Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
164Nic Fanciulli – Sunshine 101 (Original Mix)6:40Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
165Nic Fanciulli – The First Step (Original Mix)4:42Genre: Deep Housecopy
166Nic Fanciulli – Twisted (Original Mix)3:32Genre: Deep Housecopy
167Nic Fanciulli – Under Stars (Outro)3:53Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
168Nic Fanciulli, Audion – Resistance (Original Mix)5:18Genre: Technocopy
169Nic Fanciulli, Constance – The Light (Original Mix)2:56Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
170Nic Fanciulli, Damon Albarn – Saying (Original Mix)4:17Genre: Electronica / Downtempocopy
171Nic Fanciulli, Jamie Principle – 100mph (Original Mix)5:49Genre: Deep Housecopy
172Nordir – DNA (Original Mix)6:40Genre: Progressive Housecopy
173Norwood, Hills – In Danger (Original Mix)6:18Genre: Housecopy
174Norwood, Hills – My Body (Original Mix)6:16Genre: Housecopy
175Norwood, Hills – Touch Me (Original Mix)7:25Genre: Housecopy
176Oner Zeynel – Departure (Original Mix)6:52Genre: Tech Housecopy
177Oner Zeynel – Free Time (Original Mix)6:38Genre: Tech Housecopy
178Oner Zeynel – Homegrown (Original Mix)6:36Genre: Tech Housecopy
179Overheads – Jam (Original Mix)7:49Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
180Overheads – Qubit (Lex Digital Remix)6:28Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
181Overheads – Qubit (Monococ Remix)7:08Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
182Overheads – Qubit (Original Mix)6:16Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
183Ozgur Uzar – Sound Of Freedom (Original Mix)7:12Genre: Housecopy
184PC Pat – What We Have Tonight (Original Mix)6:39Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
185Pietkun, Ignacio Sanchez – La Brillantina (Original Mix)7:48Genre: Progressive Housecopy
186Pietkun, Ignacio Sanchez – La Brillantina (Zibe Remix)8:02Genre: Progressive Housecopy
187Project 99 – Bastards (Original Mix)5:31Genre: Electro Housecopy
188Proluction – Show Me Your Heart (Original Mix)4:51Genre: Progressive Housecopy
189Riccio – Afro Chemy (Original Mix)7:04Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
190Riccio – Funky Cave (Original Mix)6:12Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
191Riccio – People (Original Mix)6:14Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
192RICH MORE – Stardust (Original Mix)5:26Genre: Housecopy
193Rishi K. – Turtle Bay (Marco Grandi Remix)6:10Genre: Deep Housecopy
194Rishi K. – Turtle Bay (Meloder Remix)8:59Genre: Progressive Housecopy
195Rishi K. – Turtle Bay (Nio March Remix)9:01Genre: Deep Housecopy
196Rishi K. – Turtle Bay (Original Mix)7:43Genre: Deep Housecopy
197Roald Velden – Behind Every Picture (Original Mix)7:58Genre: Progressive Housecopy
198Roald Velden – Little Things (Original Mix)7:14Genre: Progressive Housecopy
199Roald Velden – Paper Planes (Original Mix)8:52Genre: Progressive Housecopy
200Roald Velden – Years From Now (Original Mix)7:51Genre: Progressive Housecopy
201Saul Espada – Mummy (Original Mix)5:15Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
202Saul Espada – The Ghetto (Original Mix)5:12Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
203Scuba, SCB – Confidence Trick (Original Mix)8:07Genre: Technocopy
204Shamrock – Commander (Original Mix)5:37Genre: Dancecopy
205Shamrock – Dancing Nation (Original Mix)5:56Genre: Dancecopy
206Shamrock – Trip To Ghana (Original Mix)5:38Genre: Dancecopy
207Shay – 90’s Jam (KOKO (IT) Remix)6:07Genre: Tech Housecopy
208Shay – 90’s Jam (Original Mix)6:01Genre: Tech Housecopy
209Shay – I See You (Original Mix)9:00Genre: Tech Housecopy
210Shay – I Want (Original Mix)8:44Genre: Tech Housecopy
211Shay – The Rollers Remember (Original Mix)8:48Genre: Tech Housecopy
212SnilluM – Detour (Original Mix)6:03Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
213SnilluM – Refresh (Original Mix)5:09Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
214Softmal, Rey Vercosa – Gonna Get You (Original Mix)5:57Genre: Dancecopy
215Softmal, Rey Vercosa – Turn It Upside Down (Original Mix)4:39Genre: Dancecopy
216Solarc – Maniac (Original Mix)6:18Genre: Progressive Housecopy
217Squicciarini, Paul Adam – Move On (Original Mix)7:08Genre: Housecopy
218Squicciarini, Paul Adam – The Light (Original Mix)6:08Genre: Housecopy
219Steve Semtex, Kruger+Meyer – Slidemaster (Brattig Remix)6:15Genre: Tech Housecopy
220Steve Semtex, Kruger+Meyer – Slidemaster (Vamos Art Remix)6:13Genre: Tech Housecopy
221Super Pusher – Sebastian’s Gurl (Original Mix)3:25Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
222Super Pusher – Simpler Times (Original Mix)6:02Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
223Susy Seven – Soul For Me (Original Mix)5:57Genre: Deep Housecopy
224T.O. – Sparrows (Original Mix)4:23Genre: Progressive Housecopy
225T.O. – Succession (Original Mix)5:08Genre: Progressive Housecopy
226Twin State – Whip It (Original Mix)7:52Genre: Tech Housecopy
227Twin State – Whip It (Vangelis Kostoxenakis Boiled Remix)6:40Genre: Technocopy
228V Cuts – Slowed Jamz (Original Mix)7:54Genre: Housecopy
229Valentin Timoshin – Through Glass (Original Mix)5:42Genre: Deep Housecopy
230Van De Like – Solstice (Original Mix)4:11Genre: Housecopy
231Varx (Italy) – Freshly Made (Original Mix)6:47Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
232Varx (Italy) – Wake Me Up (Original Mix)6:06Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
233Varx (Italy) – Wake Me Up (The Outspoken Remix)5:40Genre: Minimal / Deep Techcopy
234Vin Sol – 95 Toreback (Original Mix)4:52Genre: Housecopy
235Vin Sol – Body Snatchers (Original Mix)5:19Genre: Housecopy
236Vin Sol – My Mind (Original Mix)4:50Genre: Housecopy
237Vin Sol – Ruff, Rugged & Raw (Original Mix)6:19Genre: Housecopy
238W.A.Doze – C9H13N (Original Mix)4:30Genre: Electro Housecopy
239W.A.Doze – Rock The Club (Original Mix)4:53Genre: Electro Housecopy
240Xander – Memory Of Tomorrow (Original Mix)8:26Genre: Trancecopy
241Yoshi Sushi – Clench (Original Mix)3:23Genre: Electro Housecopy
242Y-rich, Kharalgin – Drevotresk (Original Mix)7:25Genre: Deep Housecopy
243Y-rich, Kharalgin – Poli (Original Mix)7:29Genre: Deep Housecopy
244Yves V, Troy Denari, Robert Falcon – Riders On The Storm (Extended Mix)3:58Genre: Future Housecopy
245Zeejay, Dom Scanlon – See You Again (Original Mix)5:24Genre: Housecopy
246Zeejay, Reb-Jade – The Incredible (Original Mix)4:32Genre: Housecopy
247Zeni – Formless (Original Mix)3:35Genre: Deep Housecopy
248Zeni – Shores (Original Mix)6:02Genre: Deep Housecopy
249Zeni – Smile (Original Mix)8:04Genre: Deep Housecopy
250Zeni – With You (Original Mix)7:30Genre: Deep Housecopy


Kerri Chandler – DJ​-​Kicks

Label/Cat#: !K7
Source: WEB
Release date: 20 October, 2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Genre: Electronic
Style: Funk / Soul, Disco, House

01. Intro – Intro (Mixed) 00:57
02. LeRoy Hutson – Cool Out (Mixed) 02:47
03. New York Streets – New York Streets (Mixed) 00:35
04. Rasa – When Will The Day Come (Mixed) 03:27
05. The Foreign Exchange – Body (Mixed) 03:47
06. Fantasy Three – It’s Your Rock (Instrumental) (Mixed) 03:00
07. T La Rock – It’s Yours (Mixed) 04:12
08. Andre Ceccarelli – Stock No.1 (Mixed) 02:20
09. Soulful Session – All I Need feat. Tisha Monique (Demo 04:00
10. Beckie Bell – Music Madness (Extended Charles Maurice V 04:55
11. Uptown Funk Empire – You’ve Got to Have Freedom (Mixed) 04:40
12. Segway City 2 – Segway City 2 (Mixed) 00:40
13. James Mason – Sweet Power Of Your Embrace (Mixed) 05:10
14. Segway City 3 – Segway City 3 (Mixed) 00:16
15. Fruit – If You Feel It, Say Yeah (Mixed) 04:16
16. Kerri Chandler – Stop Wasting My Time (DJ-Kicks) (Mixed 04:15
17. Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away (Mixed) 04:46
18. Innerzone Orchestra – People Make The World Go Round (M 04:27
19. Cymande – Getting It Back (Mixed) 03:49
20. Kiki Willows – 3 AM (Mixed) 05:01
21. Roy Ayers – Liquid Love (Mixed) 04:30


Cool Million – The Best Of

  • ARTISTS Cool Million, Jeniqua, Cool Million, Matic, Cool Million, Lene Riebau, Cool Million, Laura Jackson, Cool Million, Alton McClain, Cool Million, Gary B. Poole, Cool Million, Gregers, Marc Evans, Cool Million, Cool Million, Kiki Kyte, Cool Million, Eugene Wilde, Kenny Thomas, Cool Million, Cool Million, Keni Burke, Cool Million
  • RELEASE DATE 2017-10-13
  • LABELS SedSoul


    1. Cool Million, Eugene Wilde – Back for More (Original Mix) 4:32 110BPM
    2. Cool Million, Kiki Kyte – Lovers Come, Lovers Go (7 Mix) 4:33 115BPM
    3. Cool Million – Type of Woman (Feat. P.A.C.E) (Original Mix) 4:38 83BPM
    4. Cool Million, Gregers – That’s My Lady (12 Mix) 5:06 115BPM
    5. Cool Million, Jeniqua – Making Love (Rob Hardt Urbanized Mix) 5:25 102BPM
    6. Cool Million, Gary B. Poole – Running Around (12 Mix) 5:10 120BPM
    7. Cool Million – Going Out Tonight (Feat. Nathalie Dorra) (Original Mix) 4:35 113BPM
    8. Cool Million – Sumthin Like This (Feat. Tim Owens) (Original Mix) 5:04 110BPM
    9. Cool Million, Keni Burke – So Real (Original Mix) 4:51 105BPM
    10. Cool Million, Laura Jackson – Leave Me (Original Mix) 3:50 101BPM
    11. Cool Million, Lene Riebau – Naughty Girl (Original Mix) 4:52 113BPM
    12. Marc Evans, Cool Million – Dontcha Wanna Dance (12″ Mix) 8:46 121BPM
    13. Kenny Thomas, Cool Million – Without Your Love (Radio Edit) 4:09 117BPM
    14. Cool Million, Matic – Oh! (Feat. Porter Caroll Jr.) (Dimitri from Paris Extended US Remix) 7:09 120BPM
    15. Cool Million, Alton McClain – Your Love Is All I Need (12 Mix) 5:41 115BPM


Junkie Chart 2 [Zippyshare]


1Fars8ad – The Mouse Is Dead (Original Mix)4:074AM EP by TRXX in Progressive Housecopy
2Bob The Groove – 777 (Christopher Hermann Ready For Takeoff Remix)7:54777 by Hot Cue Music in Progressive Housecopy
3Bob The Groove – 777 (CJ Peeton Remix)6:53777 by Hot Cue Music in Progressive Housecopy
4The Broker – Bossaxx (Original Mix)5:02Afro Tracks by Sound-Exhibitions-Records in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
5The Broker – Retro Time (DJ Moy Rework)4:52Afro Tracks by Sound-Exhibitions-Records in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
6Name In Lights – All Inclusive (Original Mix)6:13All Inclusive by Omena in Electronica / Downtempocopy
7Name In Lights – All Inclusive (Samo DJ Remix)5:37All Inclusive by Omena in Electronica / Downtempocopy
8Name In Lights – Post Mortem (Original Mix)6:32All Inclusive by Omena in Electronica / Downtempocopy
9Name In Lights – Post Mortem (Tooli Remix)5:56All Inclusive by Omena in Electronica / Downtempocopy
10Papa Marlin – All You Need (Original Mix)5:14All You Need by MOOVED in Housecopy
11Papa Marlin – What Am I What (Original Mix)5:21All You Need by MOOVED in Tech Housecopy
12Jesse Rose – In My Mind (Amtrac’s Voyage Mix)6:27Alright Mate Remixes EP2 by Play It Down in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
13Jesse Rose – Special Sauce (Brillstein Remix)5:34Alright Mate Remixes EP2 by Play It Down in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
14Jesse Rose, Christian Nielsen – Everyone (Gene Farris 2 Dope Boyz Remix)7:26Alright Mate Remixes EP2 by Play It Down in Housecopy
15Jesse Rose, Eva – Believe (Claude VonStroke Remix)6:43Alright Mate Remixes EP2 by Play It Down in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
16Jesse Rose, Eva – Has It All (Ian Pooley Remix)6:15Alright Mate Remixes EP2 by Play It Down in Housecopy
17Tony Junior, Stuk – Badman (Original Mix)3:15Badman EP by Spinnin’ Premium in Big Roomcopy
18Tony Junior, Stuk – Bump It Up (Original Mix)3:14Badman EP by Spinnin’ Premium in Big Roomcopy
19Tony Junior, Stuk – Smoke (Original Mix)3:06Badman EP by Spinnin’ Premium in Big Roomcopy
20Tony Junior, Stuk – Vampire (Original Mix)3:11Badman EP by Spinnin’ Premium in Big Roomcopy
21Hombres Buenos Hacen Deep – Beach Dreams (Original Mix)5:42Beach Dreams by Dibizanoise Records in Deep Housecopy
22Medina – Beautiful (Original Mix)3:44Beautiful by Columbia (Sony) in Dancecopy
23Blasterjaxx, Uhre – Bizarre (Original Mix)3:11Bizarre by Maxximize in Dancecopy
24Circuit FreaQ – Blast ‘Em (Original Mix)4:16Blast ‘Em by TRXX in Electro Housecopy
25Bensaid – Caress The Fog (Original Mix)7:41Caress The Fog by Claroscuro Records in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
26Bensaid – Doble Motor (Original Mix)6:51Caress The Fog by Claroscuro Records in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
27Larry Cadge – Carry On (Basti Grub Remix)6:30Carry On by Smiley Fingers in Tech Housecopy
28Larry Cadge – Carry On (Original Mix)6:55Carry On by Smiley Fingers in Tech Housecopy
29Grasso, Maxim – Awakening (Original Mix)8:12Censored by Natura Viva in Technocopy
30Grasso, Maxim – Berghain (Original Mix)7:37Censored by Natura Viva in Technocopy
31Grasso, Maxim, Deetech, Alex Young – Censored (Juan Ddd, Celic Remix)7:14Censored by Natura Viva in Technocopy
32Grasso, Maxim, Deetech, Alex Young – Censored (KIKDRM Remix)8:22Censored by Natura Viva in Technocopy
33Grasso, Maxim, Deetech, Alex Young – Censored (Martin Lacroix Remix)8:04Censored by Natura Viva in Technocopy
34Grasso, Maxim, Deetech, Alex Young – Censored (Mr. Bizz Remix)7:30Censored by Natura Viva in Technocopy
35Grasso, Maxim, Deetech, Alex Young – Censored (Original Mix)6:23Censored by Natura Viva in Technocopy
36Ant. Shumak – Black Night (Original Mix)4:36Deep Imagination by Sweet Harmony Records in Technocopy
37Ant. Shumak – Black Night (Remix)4:19Deep Imagination by Sweet Harmony Records in Technocopy
38Ant. Shumak – Deep Imagination (Original Mix)4:29Deep Imagination by Sweet Harmony Records in Technocopy
39Ant. Shumak – Fine Instants Of August (Original Mix)4:32Deep Imagination by Sweet Harmony Records in Technocopy
40Ant. Shumak – The Asian (Original Mix)4:46Deep Imagination by Sweet Harmony Records in Technocopy
41Ant. Shumak – The Asian (Remix)6:49Deep Imagination by Sweet Harmony Records in Technocopy
42Ant. Shumak – Towards The End Of Summer (Original Mix)4:13Deep Imagination by Sweet Harmony Records in Technocopy
43Valu Rios – Dreams Come True (Christian Monique Remix)7:20Dreams Come True by AH Digital in Progressive Housecopy
44Valu Rios – Dreams Come True (Original Mix)9:02Dreams Come True by AH Digital in Progressive Housecopy
45Valu Rios – Dreams Come True (Pro4ound Remix)8:41Dreams Come True by AH Digital in Progressive Housecopy
46Be Svendsen – Drifter (Madmotormiquel Remix)6:01Drifter by Beat & Path in Deep Housecopy
47Be Svendsen – Drifter (Original Mix)7:34Drifter by Beat & Path in Deep Housecopy
48Westlake72 – Driving In LA (Original Mix)7:27Driving In LA EP by Swedish Brandy Productions in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
49Westlake72 – Empress State Building (Original Mix)5:20Driving In LA EP by Swedish Brandy Productions in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
50Westlake72 – Italian Journey (Original Mix)6:59Driving In LA EP by Swedish Brandy Productions in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
51Rhamm, Hellx – Drug Models (Original Mix)7:23Drug Models by Opensource Division in Tech Housecopy
52Rhamm, Hellx – Fuck Off (Original Mix)8:41Drug Models by Opensource Division in Tech Housecopy
53Holodec – Drunk Off That Liqa (Gerry Read Remix)4:57Drunk Off That Liqa by Timetable in Breakscopy
54Holodec – Drunk Off That Liqa (Original Mix)2:58Drunk Off That Liqa by Timetable in Breakscopy
55Holodec – Shots Out (Original Mix)3:37Drunk Off That Liqa by Timetable in Breakscopy
56Rancido – Durban (Original Mix)6:51Durban / Soweto by MoBlack Records in Deep Housecopy
57Rancido – Soweto (Original Mix)7:23Durban / Soweto by MoBlack Records in Deep Housecopy
58Lil’fellow – Best Of Me (Original Mix)3:31Easy by Ditto Music in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
59Lil’fellow – Let Me Know (Original Mix)3:40Easy by Ditto Music in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
60Ks French – Its My House (Original Mix)4:44Edits V4 by FKR in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
61Ks French – Shes Killin Me (Original Mix)5:31Edits V4 by FKR in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
62Ks French – Still On The Case (Original Mix)5:04Edits V4 by FKR in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
63ChUPACONChA – El Chicano De Chicago (Original Mix)3:57El Chicano De Chicago by Giant Pulse in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
64ChUPACONChA – Guru Wild (live) (Original Mix)6:50El Chicano De Chicago by Giant Pulse in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
65ChUPACONChA – Psychodelicious (live) (Original Mix)4:33El Chicano De Chicago by Giant Pulse in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
66Dj Joys – Electric Synth (Joaquin Besga Remix)6:09Electric Synth EP by Power Beat Records in Technocopy
67Dj Joys – Electric Synth (Original Mix)7:10Electric Synth EP by Power Beat Records in Technocopy
68Double Reaktion – Impressum (Original Mix)7:16Endless Journey by Clorophilla Records in Technocopy
69Double Reaktion – Psychedelic (Original Mix)8:31Endless Journey by Clorophilla Records in Technocopy
70Double Reaktion – Reloaded (Original Mix)7:34Endless Journey by Clorophilla Records in Technocopy
71Double Reaktion – Silence (Original Mix)7:17Endless Journey by Clorophilla Records in Technocopy
72Mario Puccio – Faustina (Golan Zocher Remix)7:25Faustina by Massive Harmony Records in Progressive Housecopy
73Mario Puccio – Faustina (Maxir Edwarson Remix)7:54Faustina by Massive Harmony Records in Progressive Housecopy
74Mario Puccio – Faustina (Original Mix)7:52Faustina by Massive Harmony Records in Progressive Housecopy
75Paul Richmond – Feels Like Home (Extended Mix)5:10Feels Like Home by Enormous Chills in Future Housecopy
76Paul Richmond – Feels Like Home (Instrumental Mix)5:10Feels Like Home by Enormous Chills in Future Housecopy
77Paul Richmond – Feels Like Home (Original Mix)3:42Feels Like Home by Enormous Chills in Future Housecopy
78Alessandro D’amico – Bass (Original Mix)3:58Five by RadiciMusic in Technocopy
79Alessandro D’amico – Black Hole (Original Mix)4:10Five by RadiciMusic in Technocopy
80Alessandro D’amico – Cobo (Original Mix)4:28Five by RadiciMusic in Technocopy
81Alessandro D’amico – India (Original Mix)4:40Five by RadiciMusic in Technocopy
82Alessandro D’amico – Magic (Original Mix)5:04Five by RadiciMusic in Technocopy
83Little Nikki – Fix It (2Step Mix)3:56Fix It by Zeus Sound Records in Breakscopy
84Little Nikki – Fix It (Mike Delinquent Remix)3:51Fix It by Zeus Sound Records in Breakscopy
85Little Nikki – Fix It (Original Mix)5:58Fix It by Zeus Sound Records in Breakscopy
86Daniel Harris – Freedom (Original Mix)6:29Freedom by La Papillon in Tech Housecopy
87Daniel Harris – Gangster Music (Original Mix)5:43Freedom by La Papillon in Housecopy
88DJ Spen, Paul Trouble Anderson – Greedy T (DJ Spen Psychoalphagreedysoul Drums)4:24Greedy T by unquantize in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
89DJ Spen, Paul Trouble Anderson – Greedy T (DJ Spen Psychoalphagreedysoul Mix)7:04Greedy T by unquantize in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
90DJ Spen, Paul Trouble Anderson – Greedy T (DJ Spen Remix)7:04Greedy T by unquantize in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
91Paul Trouble Anderson – Greedy T (Demo Mix)5:46Greedy T by unquantize in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
92Paul Trouble Anderson – Greedy T (Live Demo Mix)5:53Greedy T by unquantize in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
93Paul Trouble Anderson – Greedy T (Main Vocal Mix)5:54Greedy T by unquantize in Funk / Soul / Discocopy
94The SyntheTigers – Gurl (Original Mix)6:16Gurl by Moulton Music in Jackin Housecopy
95The SyntheTigers – Joy (Original Mix)6:12Gurl by Moulton Music in Jackin Housecopy
96The SyntheTigers – Sparkle (Original Mix)5:30Gurl by Moulton Music in Jackin Housecopy
97Adam Sharpe – Her (Original Mix)7:48Her by Whartone Records in Housecopy
98Matthew J., Alexandra Izzo – Heroes (Instrumental Mix)6:28Heroes by Housepital Deep in Dancecopy
99Matthew J., Alexandra Izzo – Heroes (Original Mix)6:31Heroes by Housepital Deep in Dancecopy
100Matthew J., Alexandra Izzo – Heroes (Radio Edit)3:35Heroes by Housepital Deep in Dancecopy
101Illusionize – House (Original Mix)3:09House by Armada Deep in Housecopy
102Cozzy D – Meerkat (Original Mix)6:32Meerkat by Flashmob Records in Tech Housecopy
103Cozzy D – Wet Kiss (Original Mix)5:32Meerkat by Flashmob Records in Tech Housecopy
104Andrea Perini – Critical Mass (Original Mix)6:00Miami GTA by Tulipe Records in Tech Housecopy
105Andrea Perini – Destroy The Groove (Original Mix)5:41Miami GTA by Tulipe Records in Tech Housecopy
106Andrea Perini – Flat Earth (Original Mix)5:31Miami GTA by Tulipe Records in Tech Housecopy
107Andrea Perini – Miami GTA (Original Mix)5:41Miami GTA by Tulipe Records in Tech Housecopy
108Sascha Sonido – Millenium (Original Mix)6:12Millenium by Moonbootique in Progressive Housecopy
109Sascha Sonido – Utopia (Original Mix)7:15Millenium by Moonbootique in Deep Housecopy
110Tim Mason – Modulate (Original Mix)5:45Modulate by Zerothree in Trancecopy
111Niceshot – Morning Flight (Arno & Dirisio Remix)9:08Morning Flight by Varona Label in Progressive Housecopy
112Niceshot – Morning Flight (Original Mix)8:32Morning Flight by Varona Label in Progressive Housecopy
113Niceshot – Morning Flight (Sebastian Franco Remix)8:09Morning Flight by Varona Label in Progressive Housecopy
114Niceshot – Morning Flight (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)7:36Morning Flight by Varona Label in Progressive Housecopy
115S.P.eed – 2017 LV (Original Mix)7:31S.P.eed 2017 by Yellow Rhinestone Records in Deep Housecopy
116S.P.eed – 2017db (Original Mix)8:23S.P.eed 2017 by Yellow Rhinestone Records in Deep Housecopy
117S.P.eed – 2017mA (Original Mix)6:32S.P.eed 2017 by Yellow Rhinestone Records in Deep Housecopy
118S.P.eed – 2017vU (Original Mix)10:07S.P.eed 2017 by Yellow Rhinestone Records in Deep Housecopy
119Husky, Shyam P – Secrets (J Latham Remix)6:26Secrets by Bobbin Head Music in Housecopy
120Husky, Shyam P – Secrets (Yasumo Remix)5:06Secrets by Bobbin Head Music in Housecopy
121Ricardo Piedra – Ambrosia (Original Mix)9:14Sepilly, Ambrosia by Stellar Fountain in Progressive Housecopy
122Ricardo Piedra – Sepilly (Hot TuneiK Remix)8:59Sepilly, Ambrosia by Stellar Fountain in Progressive Housecopy
123Ricardo Piedra – Sepilly (Original Mix)8:19Sepilly, Ambrosia by Stellar Fountain in Progressive Housecopy
124DJ Diass – Clapping Englishman (Original Mix)6:00Shushumiga by NOPRESET Records in Tech Housecopy
125DJ Diass – Shushumiga (Original Mix)6:04Shushumiga by NOPRESET Records in Tech Housecopy
126DJ Polo – Burnt Tone (Original Mix)5:12Signet / Burnt Tone by Roska Kicks & Snares in Afro Housecopy
127DJ Polo – Signet (Original Mix)4:55Signet / Burnt Tone by Roska Kicks & Snares in Afro Housecopy
128Delta IV – Signs (George Crossfield Remix)7:36Signs by Delaforce Recordings in Trancecopy
129Delta IV – Signs (Original Mix)6:48Signs by Delaforce Recordings in Trancecopy
130TIS – Beatbear (Original Mix)8:00Simple by Roo Records in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
131TIS – Simple (Edit)8:00Simple by Roo Records in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
132TIS – Simple (Original Mix)8:00Simple by Roo Records in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
133TIS – Simplebase (Original Mix)8:00Simple by Roo Records in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
134TIS – Trouble (Original Mix)12:00Simple by Roo Records in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
135MVMB – Sneaky Fox (Original Mix)7:43Sneaky Fox by Iboga Records in Technocopy
136Chelsea Cutler – Scripts (Original Mix)3:14Snow In October EP by Ultra in Dancecopy
137Chelsea Cutler – Snow In October (Original Mix)3:20Snow In October EP by Ultra in Dancecopy
138Dionigi – Spaced Out (Astro Mix)5:29Spaced Out by Quantistic Division in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
139Dionigi – Spaced Out (Original Mix)5:45Spaced Out by Quantistic Division in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
140Dionigi – Spy (Original Mix)5:03Spaced Out by Quantistic Division in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
141Dionigi – Toxic Atmosphere (Original Mix)5:59Spaced Out by Quantistic Division in Indie Dance / Nu Discocopy
142Twintone – Shimmer (Original Mix)5:46Stravage by Soul Deep Digital in Drum & Basscopy
143Twintone – Stravage (Original Mix)6:13Stravage by Soul Deep Digital in Drum & Basscopy
144Twintone – The Key Within (Original Mix)6:01Stravage by Soul Deep Digital in Drum & Basscopy
145Twintone – They Played Us (Original Mix)5:46Stravage by Soul Deep Digital in Drum & Basscopy
146Lion Pink – Everybody (Original Mix)6:16Take Me Higher by Casa Rossa in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
147Lion Pink – Take Me Higher (Original Mix)5:54Take Me Higher by Casa Rossa in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
148Ruben Naess – Room 302 (Original Mix)4:58Talkin’ About EP by Frosted Recordings in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
149Ruben Naess – Talkin’ About (Original Mix)4:58Talkin’ About EP by Frosted Recordings in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
150ZANIO – Telepathy (Alex Pich Remix)7:29Telepathy by Incepto Music in Progressive Housecopy
151ZANIO – Telepathy (Original Mix)5:39Telepathy by Incepto Music in Progressive Housecopy
152ZANIO – Telepathy (Sunlight Project Remix)6:47Telepathy by Incepto Music in Progressive Housecopy
153Raidho – Inside The Legend (Original Mix)7:25The Beginning EP by Bar 25 Music in Electronica / Downtempocopy
154Raidho – Point Of View (Original Mix)8:01The Beginning EP by Bar 25 Music in Electronica / Downtempocopy
155Raidho – The Beginning (Original Mix)6:48The Beginning EP by Bar 25 Music in Electronica / Downtempocopy
156Evolke – Love A Blond (Original Mix)5:07The Legend by Sick Society in Tech Housecopy
157Evolke, Matheus Rosa – The Legend (Original Mix)5:56The Legend by Sick Society in Tech Housecopy
158DJ Scale Ripper – A Toxoplasma Gondii (N.O.B.A Remix)6:28The Stewmaker by Metrotek Records in Technocopy
159DJ Scale Ripper – A Toxoplasma Gondii (Original Mix)8:04The Stewmaker by Metrotek Records in Technocopy
160DJ Scale Ripper – The Stewmaker (Original Mix)7:09The Stewmaker by Metrotek Records in Technocopy
161DJ Scale Ripper – The Stewmaker (Trevor Benz Remix)4:58The Stewmaker by Metrotek Records in Technocopy
162Cugar – All The People Are Crazy (Original Mix)6:33The Walking Sound by La Papillon in Technocopy
163Cugar – Energy Dream (Original Mix)7:00The Walking Sound by La Papillon in Technocopy
164Cugar – The Walking Sound (Original Mix)6:49The Walking Sound by La Papillon in Technocopy
165Cugar – Unique Person (Original Mix)7:21The Walking Sound by La Papillon in Technocopy
166Jonathan Touch – Outing (Original Mix)5:08Together by It’s Not A Label in Progressive Housecopy
167Jonathan Touch – Together (Original Mix)5:41Together by It’s Not A Label in Progressive Housecopy
168Cat.Ba – Tool 001 (Original Mix)4:51Tracks & Tools by Celestial Recordings in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
169Cat.Ba – Tool 002 (Original Mix)5:22Tracks & Tools by Celestial Recordings in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
170Cat.Ba – Track 001 (Original Mix)8:04Tracks & Tools by Celestial Recordings in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
171Cat.Ba – Track 002 (Original Mix)6:21Tracks & Tools by Celestial Recordings in Minimal / Deep Techcopy
172Fur – Trump – America First (Mixsa Remix)5:44Trump – America First by Under Noize in Technocopy
173Fur – Trump – America First (Original Mix)4:48Trump – America First by Under Noize in Technocopy
1742housspeople – Twisted Phantasy (J Lofton Drums Mix)6:39Twisted Phantasy (Club Mixes) by 2HoussMusic in Housecopy
1752housspeople – Twisted Phantasy (J Lofton Intro Mix)5:08Twisted Phantasy (Club Mixes) by 2HoussMusic in Housecopy
1762housspeople – Twisted Phantasy (J Lofton Main Mix)5:35Twisted Phantasy (Club Mixes) by 2HoussMusic in Housecopy
177Katt Williams – Untitled 1 (Kensal Remix)5:49Untitled Remixes by Jet Alone Music in Housecopy
178Katt Williams – Untitled 2 (Kensal Remix)7:07Untitled Remixes by Jet Alone Music in Housecopy
179DJ Csemak – V.I.P (Original Mix)6:36V.I.P by Underway Productions in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
180Robert R. Hardy – Verum (Nicholas Van Orton Rmx)7:40Verum (Remix Edition) by Superordinate Music in Progressive Housecopy
181Robert R. Hardy – Verum (Solid Stone Rmx)7:07Verum (Remix Edition) by Superordinate Music in Progressive Housecopy
182Leandro D’Avila – EVERYBODY JUMP (Original Mix)6:43Vibration by Pump Records in Housecopy
183Leandro D’Avila – PUMP UP (Original Mix)6:49Vibration by Pump Records in Housecopy
184Leandro D’Avila – THE PIANO TRACK (Original Mix)6:18Vibration by Pump Records in Housecopy
185Leandro D’Avila – VIBRATION (Original Mix)5:45Vibration by Pump Records in Housecopy
186DJ Sly (IT) – Walk In The Rain (Club Mix)6:16Walk In The Rain by Yousel Records in Tech Housecopy
187DJ Sly (IT) – Walk In The Rain (Original Mix)6:32Walk In The Rain by Yousel Records in Tech Housecopy
188Andre Rezende, Stereo Wave – Walk On (Original Mix)4:53Walk On by House Mag Play in Future Housecopy
189Nikola Balos – City Lights (Bosko Balos Mix)5:40Waves by 84Bit Music in Tech Housecopy
190Nikola Balos – City Lights (Original Mix)8:57Waves by 84Bit Music in Tech Housecopy
191Nikola Balos – Elysium (Original Mix)6:53Waves by 84Bit Music in Tech Housecopy
192Da R3volution – Welcome 2 Hollywood (Beethoven Tbs Clubbinstrumix)6:10Welcome 2 Hollywood by Italian Way Music in Housecopy
193Da R3volution – Welcome 2 Hollywood (Beethoven Tbs Radio Edit)6:10Welcome 2 Hollywood by Italian Way Music in Housecopy
194Filth, Smell – Ceemalonga (Original Mix)5:20What Kinda Woman EP by Mood Funk Records in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
195Filth, Smell – What Kinda Woman (Original Mix)5:38What Kinda Woman EP by Mood Funk Records in Funky / Groove / Jackin’ Housecopy
196Steve Romani – Whoppa (Original Mix)6:02Whoppa! by Bonzai Back Catalog in Future Housecopy
197Steve Romani – Whoppa (Short Mix)3:39Whoppa! by Bonzai Back Catalog in Future Housecopy
198DiMO (BG) – The Heat (Original Mix)5:47You Are Gone by World Up Records in Housecopy
199DiMO (BG) – You Are Gone (Dub Mix)5:52You Are Gone by World Up Records in Housecopy
200DiMO (BG) – You Are Gone (Full Vocal Mix)6:06You Are Gone by World Up Records in Housecopy
201DiMO (BG) – You Are Gone (Radio Mix)2:37You Are Gone by World Up Records in Housecopy
202Will Fast – You Can Change (Original Mix)4:29You Can Change by Housesession Records in Future Housecopy
203B&S Concept – You Keep On Pushin’ (Original Mix)7:33You Keep On Pushin’ EP by Different Attitudes in Deep Housecopy
204B&s Concept – Want You (Original Mix)6:53You Keep On Pushina EP by Different Attitudes in Deep Housecopy
205Will Gold – You Know Its Time (Original Mix)5:40You Know Its Time by Whartone Records in Tech Housecopy
206Alaia, Gallo – You Make Me Feel Good (Dub Mix)6:06You Make Me Feel Good by d:vision in Housecopy
207Alaia, Gallo – You Make Me Feel Good (Original Mix)6:06You Make Me Feel Good by d:vision in Housecopy
208Felix Bernhardt – Come For Riding (Original Mix)7:42Zappel Nuss Ep by 4Club Records in Tech Housecopy
209Felix Bernhardt – Octa One (Original Mix)7:02Zappel Nuss Ep by 4Club Records in Tech Housecopy
210Felix Bernhardt – Zappel Nuss (Original Mix)6:14Zappel Nuss Ep by 4Club Records in Tech Housecopy


She’s Just That Type – Circuitry [FLAC] – [Vinyl]

Label/Cat#: Peoples Potential Unlimited – PPU-086
Country: US
Year: 15 Sep 2017
Genre: Electronic, Funk, Soul
Style: Funk, Soul
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Single

A1 – Shes Just That Type Of Girl (03:13)
A2 – Shes Just That Type Of Girl (Instrumental) (03:13)
B1 – Under Pressure (04:16)


Sookie – Sookie

Label/Cat#: Africa Seven
Source: WEB
Release date: 2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 58 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco, Funk, Soul

1. Choco Date (04:20)
2. Tonight (Ce Soir) (04:57)
3. Midnight (04:40)
4. Rhythm On Rhythm (03:40)
5. Music Is (02:27)
6. It’s You (03:09)